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August 31, 2012

One of the hardest things to accept is the “truth” - and women often make the mistake of not believing a man when he shows his real “character”

Look, if you are dating a man or have an interest in a man you know, he’s going to give you signals about whether or not he wants to commit to you or want to get to know you more.

It’s sad when we do not tell ourselves the truth. A man you know might be telling you who he is but you’re hanging off of his potential. You may be sticking around hoping he’ll “get” it or you may start to do things for him in order to make him feel more attracted to you.

This will not work. It never does.

If he wants you, he’ll let you know. I promise you he WILL if he’s a REAL man.

Here’s something else that often happens - a man will respond or treat you in a certain way but you make excuses for him because you really want to have a relationship with him. You may have feelings for him so you tolerate his behavior.

He may do things like set up a date and cancel on you. Call you at the last minute to get his “booty” or give you the run around about why he just can’t seem to find the time to spend with you. He may date you for years and not want to marry you.

Even worst is him blatantly disrespecting you and you not fighting back. He might call you names, hint at how you need to change your appearance, or try to “man” handle you.

You need to stop tolerating these sort of behavior. Find the guts to tell a man you may have been waiting around for that he’s not right for you, put on some killer heels and walk.

Last night I was watching Rachel Green’s 30th birthday episode and saw how depressing it was for her to pass the second floor gap. She said something about not having fulfilled the things she’d expected by the time she was 30. And I wondered what women want before 30 ? A house? A car? A hubby? Kids? So I looked up and found a book “30 things every woman should have and know by the time she’s 30” and I knew that would be the inspiration for my next list… I still have almost a decade away for 30, so I figured i’d apply this to my own generation.
Well my birthday just passed, so how about listing what I believe girls should have done before 21…

1. To have read a minimum (and i’m being nice here) of 10 books. Twilight saga, hunger games don’t count. I don’t know how to feel about harry potter for people older than 16, but you know, that’s a personal choice…
2. To have at least a bag, and two pairs of shoes for which you have had to save and feel gorgeous avec. I’m not talking about designer things, it’s anything you had to put effort on and love.
3. Two kinds of ex’s, one with whom you could get back with and one that is the living proof that u can do better. I’m not saying the first one dumped you and you are desperately trying to get him back. Ew no! It’s just that guy that you realize that wasn’t that bad at all, and you could’ve stood his strange sense of style..
4. Proudly: being able to travel and eat by yourself; and enjoy it. It’s not a crime and if no one seems to find the magic of archeology in Turkey or the deliciousness of food in Tuscany, book a flight and an auberge and leave!! There’s a reason why you’re old enough to do anything wherever you want.
5. To have 10 perfect outfits in mind just in case you get THE job interview or THE date with a potential Ryan ;)
To know what make up, accessories and what you’re going to do with your hair..
6. To know what color, haircut, length and hairdos go perfectly with your bone structure and traits and being a pro on how to keep it flawless.
7. A past full of Fashion faux pas, that you are happy that have been left in there.
8. To understand that your workout motivations are: #1 health and then comes super flat abs.
9. To wear a product with spf 30 minimum everyday of our lives ( tan beauties of today, dried cranberries of the future)
10. To remove your make up every night regardless of what you did, what you ate or with who you were.
11. Being able to keep a plant or a fish alive (and in good conditions..) my personal record was 2 and a
12. Having a one night stand that you don’t regret at all. He was cute, nice, smart and a gentleman; he payed for drinks with no intention of taking you home bref, he was a good guy; your choice to spend the night with him and your choice not to stay in touch! Be proud.
13. To know were you stand towards marriage, maternity, plastic surgery and abortion, and to know exactly what you would or wouldn’t do for love.

14. To have your playlist, carefully selected over the years. Without a single song you don’t absolutely love.
15. To have lots of lace lingerie!! With which you feel über sexy. No it’s not tacky if you know how to wear it; if you look cheap in it, sorry my dear friend but you’ll look cheap even in Chanel.
16: to have between your best friends: a gay, an older gal, and a sweet child that reminds you of the innocent you :)

17. To have gone to a “station balneaire” with your besties, any place counts as long as there were guys margaritas sun and party:). There’s Hundreds of pictures and twice as much stories
18. To know how to fall completely in lobe without loosing yourself.
19. To know exactly when it’s the moment to walk away in all the meanings of the word, and being able to do so always.
20. To have lived on your own at least 3 months. I don’t care where or why, if it was glam ou pas, but when you have no rules around you learn the most important lesson in life: responsibility and love for everything you own.
21. To know exactly where to go when you need a hug, or cheering up. To know the exact ben and jerry’s to take and the chic flick to watch that will boost your endorphins!!

So start your engines les filles, i’ve completed a large number, but not all of them I’m not going to lie, I hope having successfully achieved them and some more by the time I’m 25, but then again , time will come and we’ll see.

More Mag yumminess
August 22, 2012

More Mag yumminess


Tank: H&M (similar here) |  Skirt: Lovers & Friends  |  Sneakers: Isabel Marant  |   Bag: Céline  |  Watch: Diesel |  Glasses (Prescription) : Warby Parker |  Rings + Necklace: Gorjana  |  Hook Cuff: Giles & Brother (image: sincerelyjules)
August 22, 2012 what-do-i-wear


Tank: H&M (similar here) |  Skirt: Lovers & Friends  |  Sneakers: Isabel Marant  |   Bag: Céline  |  Watch: Diesel |  Glasses (Prescription) : Warby Parker |  Rings + Necklace: Gorjana  |  Hook Cuff: Giles & Brother (image: sincerelyjules)

August 21, 2012


hm scrunchie
August 21, 2012

hm scrunchie

August 20, 2012


1- They always say they just want to be left alone -But they end up falling in love and staying next to the most annoying bitches in the world who ask for the moon (and more) on a silver plate for breakfast.

2-They always seem to be hiding a smile whenever we experience a jealousy crisis. And it’s simply frustrating that it makes them laugh to realize that we are willing to hit the other idiot in the face for them. It’s not funny.

3-The things they say don’t have a triple hidden meaning. When a guy says “I love you very much” it doesn’t mean “I wanna do you but I don’t want you to notice”, no , it actually means “I love you very much”.

4- They have a personal notion of time: ”Call you back in 15 mins” , that means, I have to do something (10 mins)+ I’ll take a quick look at the news (15 mins) + I’ll have a cup of coffee with a friend. You wold’ve been better of if you had gone taken a bath instead of waiting besides your phone hoping it would ring. 

5-They actually think that soccer players can hear their advice over the tv: "To the right, over there, he’s alone! You’re an asshole Ronaldo!!"

6- Some people believe in Santa Claus, they, they think boxer briefs are little magic characters that go all by themselves into the washing machine.!!

7- They have a very original and strange hobby, they play music with no instrument at all! , Yup, by moving their fingers over imaginary chords. They even found a name for this amazing discipline girls can’t get: The Air Guitar 

8- Their feet, unlike yours have a need for fresh air and liberty. They show a very quick bad odor mood too.

9- They think  innocently their sheets and quilts gain value according to the time spent on their beds.

10-That love for beer, Pilsner, ale, dark, cold, warm.. It visibly makes part of their genetical patrimony 

11-I’ts fascinating the way they think they’re the only ones to check on the other sex. 

12- And well, who in the world could’ve told them that it was nice to wear  flou green shorts with the celtics logo on? I mean, ew.

13- Deep down inside, what thrills you the most is their ability to stand you, despite of the endless rounds of criticism they have to go through, those you shoot like a soldier with a M19 on training……